White Rock Lake Kayaking and PotLuck Picnics Wednesday's Starts 6pmish- 10pmish.

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Gclub members,

We will be at White Rock Lake unless it is Raining..
We will be at White Rock Lake starting 6pmish..
Pot-luck picnic and Kayaking . With Daylight savings time, we should have light until 8:30pmish,
You can kayak all evening with flashlight.
If it is raining at 5:30pm in East Dallas, then expect a late cancelation.

You can call my cell to confirm..:469-387-2530.

What to bring:
1. rain coat:-)
2. Main meat for the grill.
3. Some kind of side dish to share or not-we usually have enough if you are running late.
4. plate, fork, drinks , Smiles, Loose fitting cloths.
5. Enjoy kayaking, walking, biking, socializing at the lake.
6. Plan camping events, meet members, have a nice time, ask questions about places, things life. :-)

Map to club: http://www.cscsailing.org/maps.html

441 E. Lawther Drive
White Rock Lake
Dallas, Texas 75218

The Corinthian Sailing Club is south of Mockingbird Lane on the east shore of White Rock Lake.
Exit onto East Lawther Drive from Mockingbird Lane and drive south.

From I-75: Take either Northwest Hwy or Mockingbird lane to EAST Lauther Drive (2nd Lauther)
Head south to end of lane, we will be at the picnic table in front of the Sail Club.

Happy Trails.

Michael Railey, Cell: 469-387-2530