The LBJ Grasslands contact office is :
1400 N. U.S. 81/287 Hwy.
P.O. Box 507
Decatur, TX 76234 (940) 627-5475
National Forest System Lands 38,095 acres

LBJ National Grasslands Decatur, Texas


(about 70 miles Northwest of DFW)

Take I-35 north to hwy 380 West to Decatur. From there, go about 23 miles on hwy 380 and just before Decatur take FM 730 North. This turn off is at the top of a tall freeway overpass that goes over the railroad tracks. The only warning sign is a small Texas state shaped black and white road sign. You take the curving off ramp and then turn left at the stop sign when it reaches the bottom on F.M. 730. This is two lane paved road. Drive North 9 miles then look for C.R. 2461. There is also a green sign that says CEMETERY and points to a left turn. A smaller brown sign says Cottonwood Lake. Turn left onto this gravel road. Within less than 50 ft it forks and you take the curve to C.R. 2560 to the right, follow the bend to the right, and you should stay on it as it twists along for 4 miles. You will pass the Cottonwood Cemetery on your right. There will be another brown sign pointing for a left turn that says Cottonwood Lake at F.S. 900. Take the left and drive over the dam at Cottonwood Lake. Proceed on F.S. 900 past the campsites there on your right. There will be many dirt and gravel roads taking off on either side to parking and camping spots. Just stay on the main, middle of F.S.900, and continue to the convergence of several gravel roads, and the sign TADRA Point camp area. The sign points South, and you will not see it until you are right at the entrance to the main trailhead camp area, so when you see all the roads converging, watch to your right for the big wooden TADRA sign. Turn right, West, into the TADRA Point camping area. From here you can spot the chem. toilet off to your right, and the main bulletin board. Next to the bulletin board is a good place to park or meet for running and day use, versus camping. Bring water for your run. There is NO water available for drinking. Bring food and beverages for the ride home.

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