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DATE: April 2002 Weekend before or after Easter. NOT EASTER WEEKEND!

One of the best times to visit Big Bend is the weekend before or after Easter. Easter weekend the park is too full and gaining camping permits is very difficult. Going the weekend before or after Easter allows you to see the wonderful Cacti blooms and experience the park during one of it's most pleasent weather windows.

Dates: April  (Friday to Monday)

Activities: Remote Backpacking permit. This is a Beginning to Intermediate backpacking trip. Two hours of very hard hiking the first day leaving the basin area and arriving at the remote camping area A. This is a difficult streach of the trail with solid eleviation gains , switchbacks and moderate trail maintenance. The duration is two to three hours of steady difficult up hill hiking. We arrive at our sheltered , pine covered camping area before dark.

Difficulty Rating: Moderate to Difficult. (Recommend you be able to walk on a treadmill for 1 hour with 40lbs backpack at 3.0 and 10deg elevation) 

The plan is to leave Dallas Friday morning on the 6:30am flight from Dallas Love Field, Southwest Airlines and arrive at Midland/Odessa airport by 9:00am. We rent a car share the ride to the Gage Hotel and have lunch. Estimated driving time is about 3 1/2 to 4 hours from M/O airport. Once we pay our remote camping fee's and make reservations, we head to Basin and begin walking around 2:00pm. Arrive at camp before dark, around 5:00pm and set up camp.

In reference to food, I propose the following:  Under construction from here.

Friday night - eat dinner before arriving at the campground (bring snacks and beverages for latter in the evening).
Saturday morning - cereal, granola bars, or whatever at the campsite.
Saturday afternoon - picnic type lunch (sandwich, trail mix, etc.) while day hiking.
Saturday evening - head into Medicine, OK for dinner (Buffalo Cafe) after viewing the evening's sunset at Mt. Scott , east end of park, clear views
in all directions.
Sunday morning - cereal, fruit, or granola bars.
Sunday afternoon - anyone interested can meet up in Lawton or another town for a Sunday afternoon lunch/dinner before heading back to Dallas.

1: From Dallas  I-35E North.   26.9 miles  ( 43.3 km)
2:  Near Denton, I-35E N becomes I-35 N.   0.6 miles  ( 1.0 km)
3: Take the exit, exit number 469, towards US-380/DECATUR/MC KINNEY.   0.1 miles  ( 0.1 km)
4: Stay straight to go onto North  I-35.   0.1 miles  ( 0.2 km)
5: Turn LEFT onto W UNIVERSITY DR.(US-380)   3.2 miles  ( 5.2 km)
6: W UNIVERSITY DR becomes US-380.   21.7 miles  ( 34.9 km)
7: At Decatur, Take the US-81 N/US-287 N ramp.   0.2 miles  ( 0.4 km)
8: Merge onto US-287 N.   75.2 miles  ( 121.0 km)
9: Past Wichita Falls, about an hour from OK line US-287 N becomes I-44 E (Portions toll).   49.4 miles  ( 79.5 km)
10: Take (Hwy 62) to Cashe,  it is a "Suburban" type rode after Lawton, in Cashe, make a right into park, Follow signs to Doris campground .   15.0 miles  (about to Cashe)


DATES: October 19th-21st

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Michael at
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