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Big Bend National Park
Bike Tour and Backpacking trip

April 19-22, 2001 Cancelled due to minimum participation not met. Look for alternate trips soon.

   The Gay Outdoor Club will be heading to the The Big Bend National Park">Big Bend National Park April 19-22 for days of cycling and/or backpacking in the Big Bend Park area. Cyclists route Map's, additional info arriving soon ; Check back!

   We have a page with photos from a previous campout trip to Big Bend.

We have the following options available:

(1) Three days of scenic, challenging road cycling, including some REAL MOUNTAIN ascents;
(2) One day of road cycling and two days of backpacking;
(3) Three days of backpacking.

We will be doing tent camping ("roughing it") Friday and Saturday nights.
Transportation to and from Dallas-Fort Worth will be on a chartered sleeper bus IF we get a minimum of 25 participants (between cyclists and backpackers).

The bus will leave the Metroplex Thursday, 4/19, at 7:30 PM and arrive at Big Bend on Friday morning around 6:30 AM.
After Check in ,breakfast and camp set-up the (1 & 3 day ) cyclists will do a 60-mile ride along the main park highway. The (3 day) Backpackers will begin the ascent to remote camping near South Rim.

Friday night will see the (1 & 3 day) cyclists return to Group campsite at the Park Lodge.
Saturday Morning; Having camped that night in the park, the (1 day ) bikers will begin thier ascent to South Rim and the (3 day) cyclists will be shuttled to the town of Lajitas (just outside the park at the western extreme) where they will set up camp at the Lajitas campground and then embark on an out-an-back ride between Lajitas and Presidio, a round trip of 100 miles (or less, depending on when riders wish to turn around).

After camping Saturday night in Lajitas, (3day) Cyclists will ride back into the park and may even have a little time to trade cycling shoes for hiking boots and walk some of the trails.
At 5 PM we will board the bus for our return to the Metroplex, arriving in the wee hours on Monday morning.

As you can see, to take advantage of the package, you will have to take Friday off. The event is NOT for novice cyclists, since the rides will be physically demanding and not for the faint of heart (literally or figuratively). If you haven't been riding recently, YOU HAVE TWO MONTHS to get yourself into shape for this, with some serious interval hill training highly recommended. Those of you who live beyond the DFW Metroplex are also welcome to participate,but you will probably want to handle your own transportation to and from Big Bend.
We will retain the Charter bus for shuttling any or all riders from the park campsite to Lajitas.

Are you into mountain biking??? There are mountain-biking possibilities in the Park! If there are several of you off-roaders, you could form a THIRD contingent and still fit into the grand scheme of things. (Richard Treat will be happy to help you work out a game plan, even though he won't be doing any off-road riding. NOTE: YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RIDE OFF ROAD, Limitted to Double TRACKS)

Little or no camping gear to your name? Don't let that deter you! GClub can assist with Backpacks and sleeping bags.
There should be enough of us with tent space to accommodate you, and Richard Treat , Michael Railey and others have some spare sleeping bags.
Just let me know what you have or don't have when you RSVP. PLEASE NOTE: There is already a committed core of cyclists and backpackers for this trip, so it WILL HAPPEN regardless of how many others wish to participate. But we need a good head count early on, so that we will know if there will be enough participants to do the chartered bus.

ALL CYCLISTS please RSVP at your earliest convenience! to

Richard Treat e-mail: Phone: 214-769-9770

ALL BACKPACKERS please RSVP at your earliest convenience! to
Michael Railey e-mail: Phone: 972-598-3337

The Costs:
$110 will include R/T Bus ride DFW>Park>DFW, Parking at Texins (I-75&635) Group campgroud fee's.
Should you need camping gear we will be happy to try and match you with someone for extra sleeping bag and tent space. We also have discount rental agreement with some of the vendors in the area. Contact Michael Railey for any camping needs.

One of the best times to visit this park is the weekend prior to Easter. There is limited capacity at the park and most holiday weekends will be sold out prior to our arrival from Dallas area. The week before Easter is during the Cacti bloom season and before the intense heat of summer. Expect: Sunny clear skies, 90 degrees, dry weather followed by 40 degrees, rain, hail, flash floods with in two hours then return to 90 degrees clear skies dry. Expect it all , be prepared and the park will enchant you for eternity.
When I visited Big Bend , we flew from DFW to Midland/Odessa TX" Rented a Kia SUV, the Kia that could:), SUV recommended if you decide to camp at any of the remote camping sites along river. An SUV is not needed to get to park, go to park headquarters or are camping on South Rim. We then headed down toward the park. The drive takes about 4 hours from Midland/Odessa airport. We got remote camping permits and climbed to camp sites about half way to top of South Rim. This is an INTENSE two hour walk with backpack up hill. The trail is well groomed, stepped, however, this is a difficult walk! Once camp is reached you will encounter Bears, wonderful vista's, multiple climates, diverse flora. We had a great campsite located under tree cover, level! There is NO water available, we carried 2 gallons per person for the two days we would be on the mountain- eating and drinking only. Next morning ascended to top of South Rim. See photos at Big Bend 1999

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