Denali Mountain

Welcome to the Gay Outdoor Club's Fly Fishing info page! Fly fishing is a great activity that your host loves however has no experience or fishing buddies, so if you are Breathing and know anything about the sport, you know more than me. PLEASE help build these pages by sending me an e-mail, recommended fishing areas, ideas, instructions ect. If you would like to teach or know of a good teacher, Gclub would like to host a clinic. Please let us know about it. In the mean time, as I gather information I will be adding what I learn here, you also can be "Published" by offering stories, fishing advise, pictures, fish tales.

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Desert View

Mariscal Canyon

South Rim View
Guadalupe River, Tx
Guadalupe River, Tx. Fly fishing info , outfitters, ect.
Guide to Giardia and Lyme Disease
NASD Database: Outdoor Action Guide
Outdoor Action Guide to Hypothermia and Cold Weather Injuries
OAG-Princeton University

NASD: OA Guide to Heat-Related Injuries & Fluid Balance
ow to avoid injury due to Heat stroke, good background primer.

NASD: Battling the Elements Safely
UExposure to heat or cold can lead to serious illness....

How to fit a Backpack
Fitting Internal and External Frame Backpacks.
First Aid Kit
Basic Travel Kit.  
Camping Equipment Checklist
asic Camping Equipment list,

Food! Backpacking food ideas.
Food ideas for Backpacking
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