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Welcome to the Gay Outdoor Club's Kayak and Canoe info Page! Kayaking and canoeing are great ways to see many of our rivers, lakes and salt water estuaries. Contrary to the Whitewater Competitive Kayaking, most Touring kayaking is slow, peaceful and relatively accessible to the beginner. Gclub will offer classes periodically through instructors in the area.  

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Mountain Hide Out/Dallas

Blue Hole Campground and Guadelupe River  
- RATED: EASY, RV, Hotel, Tent camping

Caddo Lake East-Texas' only Natural Lake!
-Cypress trees, natural lake, Jefferson Tx.

Guadelupe River Whitewater
Whitewater Kayaking

Wachita River OK
Wachita River Ok, Fun, brown river with current
San Marcos Whitewater
San Marcos Under Construction
Under Construction
Under Construction.

Under Construction
Under Contrcution
Under Construction
Under Construction.

Some Links:

DFW Sailing Club:
CSCSailing     gene@ dalsail.com   (214)-320-826-7742   Club number: 214-320-0841  Bill Campbell Commodore (214) 543-5405
White Rock Boat Club: 214-327-9667

Canoe and Kayak Rentals:
High Trails Canoe's 3610 Marquis Dr. , Garland Tx. Phone:  972-272-3353
North Texas Canoe Rentals, 1616 Whitlock Ln, Carrolton, Tx 972-245-7475
Rochelle's Canoe Rental (817)659-3341
Brazos River Authority (817)-776-1441