Denali Mountain

Welcome to the Gay Outdoor Club's Backpacking info Page! Backpacking is a great way to see many of the parks and places of the world and avoid the crowds. Think about it, how many people want to load up their food, clothing, shelter, kitchen onto their backs and schlep it into the wild for "Relaxation". Thus the advantage, many of America's best parks are "Full" during peak travel times, however, Backpackers often are able to get a Back Country permit, while RV'er, Car campers and day hikers may be turned away. So take a little time to review the basics, then plan on joining Gclub on a Backpacking trip.

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Backpacking Equipment FAQ's
Intro to Backpacking Equipment Basics, Terminology
Food! Backpacking food ideas.
Food ideas for Backpacking
Camping Equipment Checklist
asic Camping Equipment list,
Guide to Giardia and Lyme Disease
NASD Database: Outdoor Action Guide
Outdoor Action Guide to Hypothermia and Cold Weather Injuries
OAG-Princeton University
NASD: OA Guide to Heat-Related Injuries & Fluid Balance
How to avoid injury due to Heat stroke, good background primer.
NASD: Battling the Elements Safely
UExposure to heat or cold can lead to serious illness....
How to fit a Backpack
Fitting Internal and External Frame Backpacks.