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Michael hanging on for dear life, over the edge. Big Bend

Orizaba Orizaba

Orizaba on the TOP

Gclub basic web connect to Diving info and resources.
Skiing Links, Clubs, FAQ'
 Gclub basic web connect to Skiing info and resources.
Backpacking Links, Learning, Clubs, FAQ's.
Gclub's starting point for Backpacking information.

Whitewater Kayaking starting , planning , FAQ's.
Gclub's starting point for Whitewater Kayaking.

Kayak , Canoe & Sailing Links, Learning, Clubs, FAQ's.
Gclub's starting point for Kayaking information.

Battling the Elements Safely
UExposure to heat or cold can lead to serious illness....

Rock Climbing Links,Learning, Clubs, FAQ's
Gay Outdoor Club Rock Climbing Pages.  
Fly Fishing Links, Info ect.
Fly Fishing Pages, Under Const.
Sailing links and info page.
Sailing Pages:Under Construction.

Biking Links, FAQ's, Lessons, Links
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