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SUBS: Sydney Underwater Bushwalking Society

Gay and Lesbian Dive Clubs

Gay Outdoor Club

Gclub is an all Volunteer club.  Members host trips including: Kayak, Canoeing, Hiking, Walking, Biking, Cruises, Mountain / Rock climbing, Backpacking, Nature tours , Scuba , Snow skiing , Whitewater rafting/float  trips. Co-hosted events with other clubs is encouraged.

OLSSC of Dallas is a non-profit social club organizing outdoor recreational trips for the gay and lesbian community, including: Snow Skiing, Scuba Diving

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Diving for Life Gay and Lesbian Scuba Jamboree

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Barnacle Busters--Southern California

Bottom Dwellers--Seattle, WA

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Lambda Mermaids--Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

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Northern California Rainbow Divers

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SAA Scuba Club--Florida  

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Triangle Divers--Boston/New England

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GLUG: Gay and Lesbian Underwater Group--London

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Plongee Arc-En-Ciel, Paris

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Village Dive Club , New York City

Gay Diving Service providers

Florida, USA


Cozumel, Mexico


South Pacific


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