Presently, Gclub uses as our group e-mail service. Note: there are several lists. Presently, we are most active in the DFW area and this is the recommended list for events right now. However, we maintain, lists for Austin ,Houston and Mississippi.  If you want a list started for your area send webmaster: a request. I will be happy to add your area. Otherwise, depending on your city, I will sign you up on the closest area list. Please follow instructions at list site. Dallas/Fort Worth area

HOW to Join:
Follow above link and subscribe to list.
If you have difficulty, just send Michael Railey , Gclub host an e-mail at :
There are no dues, you will receive periodic emails about events taking place.
You will be able to e-mail group inviting others onto trips.
Use e-mail server as a way to link up with others who enjoy the outdoors and happen to be Gay or Gay friendly.
If you want an area added send email request to web master address. I will be happy to add your area.