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PLEASE VOLUNTEER to host an event.

The Gay Outdoor Club, it's members and your Host, Michael Railey would like to THANK YOU for offering to Host an event for everyone to enjoy.
A few things about hosting an event. An event can be as simple as sending out an open invite to members asking them to join you on an outing or as "Complex" as a Multi-National Mountain climbing expedition. "Kiss your Ass Goodbye" Adventure team member and your Host, Michael Railey, is known for his escapades across the globe. ( Trip reports forthcoming:).

Gclub members are here to assist if you need assistance or guidance. Just send Michael Railey , Gclub host an e-mail at : You need to be a registered member of the Gay Outdoor Club to coordinate an event.  JOIN / Membership

To Host, A. Be a MEMBER, B. Read Guidelines and organize your message with Event: Details, Dates, Directions, Muster Time & Place and finally your CONTACT Info.

Once your are ready, you can  click on the POST AN EVENT link below and post your message to our group membership list e-mail. Your message will go to ALL members at once.

with details that you have, and it will be sent along to Your Webmaster and posted at the web site (remember to double-check that the information is correct out there because I can make mistakes). Those interested in attending will contact you with their RSVP's or questions, and then off you go! 



1. Be sure to include your full name and email address (required).
It is recommended you add complete contact info: e-mail, phone number's: Cell, Pager, Home and I also recommend, if you are mustering at some point, say a park location, include a description of yourself , your vehicle, or sport toy: "Orange mountain bike with Blue helmet", "Butt Ugly Gray Mini-van with missing right headlight , never washed"-Your host.

2. Describe the activity Include things like: What members can expect to see, "Historic Walking Tour of Oak Cliff, Dallas" We will walk along residential streets in historic area, see the Harvey Theater, pass through the cemetery where "x" is buried and finally have lunch at the Historic Mexican restaurant, " xx" where great Margarita's are served.....Things that tell people "Why they would be interested. Include any special skills and equipment that is needed (26 mile road touring bike ride, 1 liter water bottle, safety helmet, touring or mountain bike, extra tire, money for commercial pit stops. )  If  rental equipment is going to be used, include the contact number's for the company where equipment needs to be reserved,,, each member is usually responsible for their own rental reservations and costs. . If you're event is "Out of town" or over multiple days, list the approximate cost for Lodging-Rainbow Ranch- $10/person per day for tent camping, Their phone number is: 1-888-000-0000 for reservations. We will have 3 meals in restaurants around $12.00 per person. ..... Its a good idea to let people know the driving time to the meeting point, so use a major city as a reference point. People also like to know what kind of terrain to expect and at what pace you'll be conducting the activity.

3. Rate your activity using the following guidelines (required):
Easy: Hardly any physical exertion required such as nature walks, picnics, fishing; or 1 hour biking, paddling or cross-country skiing.
Easy to Moderate: Some exertion required with 1,000 ft. elevation gain and/or 2-3 mile hike; or 2-3 hours biking, paddling or cross-country skiing.    
Moderate: More active trips involving hiking over moderate terrain with 2,000 ft. elevation gain and/or 4-6 mile hike; or 4-6 hours biking, paddling or cross-country skiing.   
Moderate to Strenuous: Active trips involving hiking over some steep terrain with elevation 2,500 ft. gain and/or 7-9 mile hike; or 7-9 hours biking, paddling or cross-country skiing.
: Hiking over steeper or more rugged terrain such as 3,000 ft elevation gain and/or 9-12 mile hike; 9-12 hours biking, paddling, or cross-country skiing.  
Most Strenuous: Most demanding trip. Hiking and backpacking over steep, rugged terrain at high elevations or with substantial altitude gains or losses. Hikes with elevation gain of over 4,000 ft. and/or 12+ miles. High altitude expeditions. Biking, paddling or cross-country skiing for more than 12 hours or more.  

3. Your message needs to comply with Membership rules: No XXX postings, No Commercial Postings

Use the sample event description below as a general guideline to 
post an event:

09/29 SAT Historic Oak Cliff Dallas Walking Tour (Dallas, TX)
Start Time: 4:00pM Contact: Joe Brown
We will walk along residential streets in historic area, see the Harvey Theater, pass through the cemetery where "x" is buried and finally have lunch at the Historic Mexican restaurant, " xx" where great Margarita's are served...Total distance is 5 miles. Plan on a 3 hours at a moderate pace with a Dinner stop at "x Historic Mexican Restaurant" at around 6PM. Light walking shoes, Day pack, water, Money for Commercial pit stops and restaurant Sun Screen , Map of Dallas , Camera , Hat and Good Humor.    The Walk starts at the corner of Colorado and 8th Street. We will meet at Denny's. Limited to 10.